The Cone-Door System .
Patent Pending

The Cone-Door System. was designed to help secure any elevated area by restricting access with our patent pending, original Cone-Door System shape for all around security and allowing access through our original door system.

The Cone-Door System. is designed out of galvanized gauge sheet metal or aluminum to help eliminate rusting and can be field painted to blend with surrounding structures.

If access is attempted by an unauthorized person, the lightweight design of The Cone-Door System. allows the cone to bend without providing any hand hold on the smooth inside surface.

The Cone-Door System. can be used on any billboard elevated sign structure with a pipe column, octagon, or wide flange column design. Standard pre-designed systems are ready for fabrication when ordered with standard ladder locations. Non standard structures can still utilize this system once simple field measurements are taken and minor changes are made to our manufacturing.

The Cone-Door System. is perfect to help secure building ladders, freeway, highway road signage, electrical poles and towers that require a secured access and can help stop unwanted graffiti. The system can be modified to fit your needs and can be used in conjunction with other security devices.

The Cone-Door System. with recommended installation instructions and fasteners, is boxed and shipped to your warehouse location within days. Larger size systems will require lifting equipment to off load as needed.

Our sales department and technical support staff is ready to help you with your security and graffiti needs. 

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